Maws Gallery

Ready Made Frames

Art Frames

We produce a range of quality ready made frames in 22 standard sizes and from a choice of twelve different moulding profiles. (See ‘Trade Secrets’ page for sizes).

About Your Art Frame

  • hand made from wood;
  • traditional, fashion resistant, patterns and repeatable;· moulding matched for profile, grain and colour;
  • mitres are pinned and glued;
  • adequate depth of rebate;
  • glazed with 2mm float glass;
  • complete with acid free board, to support your artwork and protect it from harmful acid migration from the hardboard backing;
  • an MDF backing for structural support
  • adequate and secure hanging kit including wall hooks;
  • specialist design advice for best value and lasting pleasure.

At modest additional cost we offer:

  • Durable ‘stand up backs’ for small and medium sizes;(up to 14″ x 11″)
  • Ready cut acid free mounts;
  • Bespoke cut acid free mounts;
  • ready-to-hang’ assembly service,
  • finished to Fine Art Trade Guild standards.

Help with Self-Assembly

For help with putting your picture into this Art Frame click on ‘Trade Secrets’ > ‘Getting it Assembled’

Sale Frames

In addition to Art Frames we also produce “Sale Frames”. These are made from remaining moulding offcuts from bespoke work, these are also in the same 22 standard sizes.
The lengths might not quite match for profile and colour and we ‘only have what we have’ so we can’t guarantee to repeat patterns, but they are very good value.