Maws Gallery

Getting it All Assembled

  • Clean the glass without smearing.
  • Check for scratches
  • Check positioning of image in mount (if any)
  • Secure un-mounted artwork to a support board leaving bottom of board slightly proud to carry the weight. This will minimise kinks and cockles.
  • Place glass on sandwich comprising the image, mount or support board and hard backboard.
  • If sandwich is free of dust, overlay the rim of the frame on to it. (If the frame is blemished the fault will probably be less noticeable on the bottom).
  • Check that the artwork is square and centred in the frame.
  • Turn over frame and sandwich and secure down with supplied tabs. (if these are missing squeeze in panel pins).
  • Seal round the back of the frame with tape to discourage flies and atmospheric pollution.
  • If the picture is to hang, measure down one third from the top and screw in screw eyes to each side of frame and tie cord across them.
  • Plates are a more secure wall fixing alternative and a strut back will make smaller pictures freestanding.

N.B. Where the artwork and glazing touch they may eventually bond together never to be parted (especially photographs).