Maws Gallery

Jargon Buster

Active area –
the part of the picture most prominently noticed, not usually central but one third in. See ‘crop’, ‘composition’ and ‘focal point’.

Art screen –
acrylic glazing with a UV filter. Shatterproof but expensive, & easily scratched.

Artwork –
usually pictures on paper but could be fabric or 3D

Bespoke –
Made to measure, without compromise.

Box Frame –
a deep box to house three dimensional work

Clip Frame –
Glazing and a back held together with clips. Made down to a price Least cost method of framing.

Cockling –
the kinks and creases in paper.

Composition –
the positioning of focal points in the artwork. Correct composition improves impact.

Crop –
covering some of the background to improve composition.

Dry Mount –
bonding paper to a firm board to eliminate ‘cockling’. Not suitable for works of value because it removes originality.

Float glass –
glass produced without the imperfections found in cheaper rolled glass.

Focal point –
the part of the artwork you want noticed.

Heat Seal –
a thin film bonded to the surface of the artwork. Eliminates need for glazing.

Moulding –
the material from which the frame is made.

Mount (called a ‘mat’ in US) –
an aperture window bevel cut into a board to focus eye to artwork. The bevel on non-acidic board will not go brown

Rebate –
the channel cut into the moulding to hold artwork. Make sure it is sufficiently deep and wide .

Non-reflective glass –
float glass with an etched surface to diffuse reflection. Slightly dulls the artwork.

Pressure adhesive –
a liquid adhesive as in self adhesive tapes (eg masking tape, sellotatape). Avoid using next to artwork, adhesive migrates into paper and discolours. Eventually dries out and fails.

Spacer –
strip of plastic inserted to separate glazing from artwork.

Ultra violet –
the light that causes fading. Lots of it in sunshine..