Maws Gallery

What is a Mount?

A mount (known in US as a ‘mat’) is a board surround for the artwork.

Its purpose is to:

  • Separate the artwork from the glazing
  • Provide a non-acidic aperture to protect the artwork.

Draw the eye to focal points in the artwork.

Carefully select mount for colour and size.

  • It should be complementary to the artwork and it’s width proportional to the width of the moulding.
  • Modern colours are not appropriate to traditional images.
  • Wedding and christening photographs usually look better in a soft pastel shade. Monochrome pictures benefit from a stronger colour.
  • A mount can be used to crop part of the picture to improve the composition.
  • The bevel will not discolour on mounts which are cut from non-acidic board.
  • The artwork will hang better if supported by, and hinged to, an under-mount.